Just like our body, our skin needs to breathe, drink, and eat to thrive. That’s why Lycogel products feature the revolutionary LYCO-Complex, a carefully balanced set of 12 active ingredients that work together to deliver oxygen, moisture, and nutrients to the skin. 

Oxygen literally breathes life into our skin. Oxygen heals, that’s why it’s often used to help skin recover from burns and other wounds. Oxygen also beautifies the skin; it defies wrinkles and gives a more vibrant complexion. Moisture is our skin’s number one line of defence. Moisture helps protect the skin from everyday irritants like air-conditioning, pollution, and dry air that damages the skin. 

Nutrients keep our skin alive and active. Nutrients provide energy, repair tissue, and regulate all natural processes in the skin regardless of the skin condition. These are available as a Camouflage foundation, balm, tint and concealer.