Ageing Skin

Our skin is continually changing and as we grow older, the youthful look we once had, slowly begins to disappear.


There are several factors that contribute to the processes and the effects of ageing can be accelerated through poor lifestyle choices such as smoking, environmental stresses on the skin or by simply not looking after what we have.

The skin loses an average of 1% of collagen every year from the age of early 20’s. This means that gradually over time, our skin becomes thinner, facial volume reduces, lines and wrinkles start to appear, and blood vessels show. The lack of facial volume also means the facial skin soon begins to sag and no longer looks plump and smooth as it once did.

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Botox Injections • Bedfordshire • Panakeia (UK)

Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum Toxin is used to relax wrinkle causing muscles. It smoothes out wrinkles and lines caused from muscular movements.

Lipofirm Plus Treatments • Bedfordshire • Panakeia (UK)

Lipofirm Plus

Radio frequency is an incredible alternative to invasive surgical methods to treat problems associated with ageing skin.

Chemical Peels Treatments • Bedfordshire • Panakeia (UK)

Chemical Peels

Chemical skin peels are a popular, non-invasive method to rejuvenate, improve and smooth the skins complexion, tone and quality creating a younger, fresher look.

Dermal Filler Treatments • Bedfordshire • Panakeia (UK)

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are an effective way to reduce wrinkles, smooth out the skin, plump out and create volume, contouring specific areas of the face.

eTwo Treatments • Bedfordshire • Panakeia (UK)


eTwo™ combines the unique Sublime and Sublative applications for comprehensive facial and body rejuvenation. eTwo’s™ applications provide for a wide range of treatments.

Dermaroller Treatments • Bedfordshire • Panakeia (UK)


The Dermaroller is an innovative hand-held piece of equipment designed to rejuvenate the skin and is becoming increasing popular in anti-ageing treatments.


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