Jaspreet Kaur Adhen MPharm (Birmingham)

Jaspreet is a practising Primary Care and Community Pharmacist. Panakeia (UK) Ltd is the brainchild of Jaspreet after extensive research in medical and cosmetic treatments.

Having experienced the conditions many other people commonly go through and not finding a solution through the conventional methods, she started to explore into treatments that could help alleviate the conditions and after extensive research, Panakeia (UK) was born.

‘We set our vision for the clinic to put client care first from the very first interaction with Panakeia (UK). That’s why we have hugely experienced professionals to help you through your unique journey. We’re incredibly proud of what Panakeia (UK) is and our ethos’.

Jaspreet is a registered pharmacist with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. She is available to discuss all services Panakeia (UK) Ltd.

Dr Satwinder Singh Basra M.B.B.S. L.M.S.S.A. (London)

Dr Basra is a registered doctor with the General Medical Council and has been working as a GP for many years. He has been awarded ‘Health Hero Award’ in 2004 which recognises community health excellence and has his own GP practices. Dr Basra has also been awarded ‘GP of the year’ in 2016. Dr Basra has special interests in environmental medicine, food and chemical sensitivities/allergies and low dose immunotherapy. He will be available for medical consultations, travel vaccinations, chemical peels and dermaroller.

Mr Muhammad Javaid

01234 910707

Mr. Muhammad Javaid

MMBS MSc FRCS (Glasgow) FRCS(Plast) Consultant plastic, reconstructive breast and aesthetic surgeon.

Mr Muhammad Javaid is a highly qualified consultant plastic surgeon who specialises in a wide range of plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgeries. He is a full member of The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) and British Association Plastic Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS). Mr Javaid prides himself on his paying close attention to details. He considers himself to be a true perfectionist. Because of these characteristics that are useful for surgeons to have, he makes it his business to attain the highest potential results with every patient that he treats.

Web: www.javaid.co.uk

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