At Panakeia (UK), you can attend private GP medical consultations to discuss any general health problems. Doctors at Panakeia (UK) have extensive knowledge and their own specialities with a vast range of experiences in different fields. They provide a high quality service with expert opinions putting your needs first.

The Doctors may decide that it is necessary for you to undergo testing or investigations and make the necessary arrangements or referrals to specialist consultants. They may also provide you with a private prescription and/or write a letter to your GP with your consent.

Benefits of Private medical consultations at Panakeia (UK):

  • A more personal service
  • Discuss any health problems no matter how big or trivial
  • Excellent option for an expert medical second opinion
  • Fast, easy and convenient
  • No extensive NHS waiting times
  • Longer appointment times to discuss your problems without time restraints unlike with the NHS
  • Option to look into, diagnose and treat problems using an approach not currently used by the NHS but by specialist advanced private hospitals
  • Treatments can take place during your consultation if deemed suitable and possible (e.g. Joint injections)
  • Access to private medical prescriptions

Registrations and new patient check up

The first time you attend the clinic, you will be required to undergo a new patient check and assessment to collect the necessary information to register you as a new patient. The information collected will allow us to create a new medical record for you.


At Panakeia (UK), we can assure you all information is kept confidential according to the Data Protection Act and will not be shared with your GP or any third party without your consent.

Price list

 With a Doctor:

Cosmetic Surgeon From £120 (usually 30 minutes) for a cosmetic consultation
GP From £50 (30 minutes) for a medical consultation

From £100 (60 minutes) for environmental medicine consultation

Minor Surgery Consultation From £75

 Private prescription From £10

Extra fees will apply for investigations/testing.

One problem per consultation. If you have more than one problem and would like to discuss this in one go with the Doctor, please notify at time of booking to allow for extra time to be booked in for you.

Please note that consultation fees for the following are separate

A more personal service


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