Lipofirm Treatment Synopsis

The Lipofirm PLUS is the ultimate solution for non-invasive inch loss, body sculpting, cellulite removal and skin tightening; which provides clients with a convenient non-invasive, no downtime, pain-free treatment.

Lipofirm PLUS can be performed on calves, knees, thighs, buttocks, stomach, arms, back and chin and is equally effective for both men and women.

Lipofirm PLUS also treats common problems associated with ageing; Sagging skin on the neck, décolleté and face along with wrinkles, enlarged pores and elasticity issues of the body.

Radio Frequency Face & Body

Radiofrequency treatment stimulates collagen and elastin within the skin by using electrical pulses to heat the dermis. Radio frequency will remodel, enhance and Enable; skin tightening, improvement of the skin’s appearance, painlessly without post-op downtime of classic surgery applications or other invasive methods.

The award-winning Lipofirm Plus treatment is the ultimate solution and incredible alternative to liposuction for:

Body Inch loss
Body Sculpting
Cellulite Removal
Skin Tightening
Fine lines and wrinkles
Sagging on the neck and décolleté
Enlarged Pores
The award-winning Lipofirm Plus uses ultrasound and radio frequency to create inch loss, contour the body and tighten the skin.

The effect of inch loss is achieved through ultrasonic cavitation and is a smart way to reduce fat because it is converted into liquid and then naturally eliminated in the urine. Ultrasonic cavitation reduces fat cells by creating bubbles in the tissues where the fat cells are located. The bubbles expand and are immediately compressed afterwards. The temperature increases due to sudden variation in pressure and the bubbles implode. This implosion damages fat cells reducing the localised adiposity.

The fat (triglycerides) fragments into diglycerides that are expelled via the urinary system. When cavitation is followed by a lymphatic drainage treatment, the process is faster, as drainage is very effective in eliminating liquids.

The low-frequency ultrasonic waves are useful in combating fat accumulations. It produces lipolysis of fatty acids from adipocytes (fat-laden cells) due to a phenomenon known as stable cavitation and increased cell permeability of the adipocytes. There is also a breakdown of the fibres through mechanical action. As a result, some content of adipocytes is eliminated by metabolism.

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  • The Lipofirm Plus is the only cavitation device in the aesthetics market that utilises the so-called ‘adaptive’ mode. This is an emission mode that automatically adjusts frequency emission relative to tissue characteristics of the imperfection to be treated. This is an outstanding effect that boosts treatment efficacy.

Price list

 Lipofirm Plus(cavitation and radiofrequency) for inch/weightloss and skin tightening:

Single treatment From £100
Course of 4 From £380
Course of 8 From £760

 Lipofirm Plus facial skin tightening:

30 MINS From £55
45 MINS From £75

Exact prices to be confirmed during your consultation






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